Monday, June 27, 2016

Suspended Indefinitely

I have been  conflicted about whether to keep this blog online and get back to posting on it, or just leaving it up but dormant.

It's been nearly a year since I have written anything and prioritizing the important things in my life will preclude me from blogging for the foreseeable future.

I won't delete Sealed4Ever,  but for now, consider this blog non-active.  I'll post my yarn crafted projects on Ravelry, Instagram & Twitter.  Machine sewing and paper crafting  will be posted on Instagram and Twitter.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

July Knitting and Listening

It's been since WWKIP Day since I blogged.  Summer will be freer, now that July has arrived.  

Just as a point of catch up info:

I'm still working on my Rainbow Top by TSC. Unlike the earthen version on the pattern

mine is navy, sparkly white and a weathered reddish/violet an white. Although the colors are not exactly, it looks like a red, white and blue top, which was my intention. The front is done and I'm nearly finished with the back. I expect the FO will be ready to wear in a week or 2.  (I'm multi-craftual, otherwise, I could probably have it done by this time next week or sooner. I think I will get  a lot of wear out of this cotton top.

I have been catching up on the various podcasts to which I listen regularly and have added a few to my favorites.  I generally enjoy knitting, Mac, iOS, tech and Christian shows.  I know what it takes to put a good show together because I did over 100 Guitar Technique Tutor podcasts a few years ago, so I listen not only for the actual content, but also for the production and quality of the podcast.  (My first shows were done with a terrible sound system and insufficient software, but by the time my show was established, the sound wasn't too bad.) 

I have added 2 new-to-me podcasts, that I have heard other knitters and knitting podcasters mention:

I thoroughly enjoy Knitting Pipeline with Paula, which I had  been hearing positive comments about for quite a while.  She's just so salt of the earth!  She's  a musician, too, so perhaps there is some deeper connection than just the knitting, when I listen to her shows.

The other podcast I have been thoroughly thrilled with is the PomPom Podcast. I love, love, love  Sophie and Lydia.  They're young and have a great sense of humor. I think one of the reasons I enjoy them so much and am so sad that they only podcast monthly, is because they remind me  of a dear dear British friend who passed away several years ago.  We were very close and although she was from Cheshire, and  Sophie and Lydia's accents are not, they still remind me of Kath Lewis, with whom I shared such a long, warm friendship.  

Both above-mentioned podcasts have been a great addition to the former list that I listen to daily, weekly, monthly, or whenever-ly.  I still miss Yarn on Tap, the podcast Wendy from Knitters' Brewing Company used to do.  

I'm also in the midst of a free 3 month free trial of Audible.  I use my county libraries' digital services, including audiobooks, but their collection is limited.  I just finished my first free Audible  book, the biography of Oswald Chambers, and it was excellent.  With my Amazon Prime membership, the usual 1 free month and 1 free book trial extends to 3 free months and 2 free books.  I haven't chosen my second book yet.  I will compare audible to downloading audiobooks from  iBooks as well as  the Kindle app.  I'm not sure whether I will take a monthly subscription to Audible or not.  If not, it will not be for any lack of quality service or product.  It will be a budgetary decision.  

I am having an absolute romance with a device/web app that I plan to write a separate post about this week.  Stay tuned. 

Friday, June 12, 2015


That's the official hashtag for tomorrow's event.  So use it you're coming or from the venue or watch it for news of the the day.

The great news is that we won't have any weather issues.  No library back up is necessary. We will have partly sunny and partly cloudy skies - which is okay for a hot day.  We will have a lot of shade available, but please bring hats and sunscreen if you usually use them.  

Just a reminder about  the facility: the Ramsey Municipal Pool usually requires all guests to be accompanied and hosted by a resident member.  Tomorrow, everyone is welcome but at the entrance be sure to indicate you're with the Knitting in Public event.  There is a small fee for the full use of the facility, ($5) which is a significant discount from the usual $15 guest fee.  

Food and beverages are  available to purchase, or bring your own.  There are grills at the other end of the property, which you are welcome to use, if you wish.  

The pool is pristine and there are depths for waders through lap swimmers.  

On site restrooms, changing area and showers are available. 

Across the street are tennis courts, if you wish to bring your racket along with your knitting.  

There's free Wi-Fi.

Please remember  pool rules : No Glass Bottles
                                                No Alcohol
                                                No Tobacco

Once inside, look for the gazebo with large colorful tassles.  If you have a Ravelry button with your Ravelry user name on it, wear it!  You'll find me in a lime green T-shirt with my Hello My Name is Sealed4Ever Ravelry button (and maybe a few other knit-ish ones.)

If you're bringing a beginner with you, I'll teach a lesson at  12:45.   Please bring size 6 or 7 needles and some smooth, single color yarn.  I don't have extra needles but I will bring some leftover yarn balls in case  they are needed.

Ramsey Municipal Pool is on East Oak Street in Ramsey, NJ, between Wyckoff Ave and South Central Ave.  See you and your knitting, and I hope, your knitting friends from  11:00 - 4:00.

Friday, May 29, 2015

WWKIP Day 2015 in Ramsey Pool Rules Update

Just to keep you informed, everyone is welcome to join the group of knitters that meet for this celebration.  Here are the most pertinent Ramsey Municipal Pool Rules that attendees with which attendees will be expected to comply:

No Glass Containers Allowed
No Alcoholic Beverages or Alcoholic Beverage Mixes Allowed

The pool facility is a Smoke Free Zone, so No Smoking

The above constraints should not hamper anyone's enjoyment of the pool'a park-like setting and all it offers the group.

Looking forward to seeing you in Ramsey on June 13th.
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