Tuesday, June 5, 2007

holy is the lamb, renata's birthday present (from 4/2/07)

I am happy to report that I gave Renata her quilted wall hanging on Sunday after church. We weren't the only bearers of gifts, so I didn't see her open it. I'm hoping she liked it. This was my 1st completed totally original design.

The panel is approximately 12"x36", made with Northcott and South Seas Imports fabrics. The 3 blocks contain each Hebrew letter that makes up the word Qadosh, which means Holy. There is a lot of implied symbolism in this piece: The blue, purple & red were used because those are the colors used in the original temple, in the Old Testament. Blue for the heavens,

red for the reddish earth in the holy land

& the purple is where the heavens & earth meet (in Jesus.)

I used a flame colored batik fabric for the letters to symbolize the fire of refinement & obedience. There is echo quilting around the letters because we read in the book of Revelation that Holy, holy, holy will be a continuous chorus in heaven. The other surface quilting is in a multicolored thread to represent the colors contained in pure light when it passes through a prism. I used my cording foot for the 1st time, when I applied the golden beams radiating out from the Lamb. There are 7 beams, the number of perfection. The Lamb was fussy cut from Northcott's Say it with Flowers fabric, so LOVE would be across His body. I used my Martelli Stitch 'N Ditch and Zip Bind system for the binding, as I did on my last quilt. It's a great pair of products for the novice quilter.

Renata is a Jewish believer. She has participated in Hebrew dance worship since she was a child in her father's church. I'm hoping she will enjoy this piece.

The quilt this was originally going to be has been put on hold because of the difficulties I ran into, that I mentioned a few blog posts ago. I have come up with a satisfactory idea to salvage it.

Ed is home this & next week because of Passover, so I don't know how much sewing I will get to. I would like to resume work on the 4-heart topper began at the PJ Party at the Cozy Quilt Shoppe as well as a couple small UFO's. I purchased baby quilt fabric last week, for a baby due in July. That quilt is going to be a quickie whole cloth one.

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