Monday, October 29, 2007

revelation finished

I finally finished Jonathan's birthday gift. His birthday was on our anniversary, September 25, but I have been behind since the summer and my allergic reactions, so I just rolled with it rather than getting upset about the late delivery.

Like Holy is the Lamb, the small wall quilt I made for Renata, Jonathan's wife, this is original. I overcame the mechanics of making a little gate that could be pulled open and I held my breath while I was free motion quilting. That was scary and my free motion quilting is not perfect. It's short of the quality I would like it to be, but it's the best I can do until I get my Flynn Quilt Frame (more on that in another post.)

The 3 blocks are a shofar (ram's horn, used before trumpets, as an alert to hearken all who heard it. It's what is referred to in the Bible as a trumpet or horn); a Lamb and the New Jerusalem John wrote about. The Lamb was white like wool, having been overlayed with batting. His cobblestone background is textured with meandering texture. The New Jerusalem was made in the shape of a cube because its description is square. I had only 1 fat quarter of this fabric and it had to be fussy cut to have the 7 branch menorah at precisely the correct spot to be revealed when the gates are pulled open. That took a bit of engineering. I made lots of photocopies of the fabric and folded and cut that until I got just the effect I needed. (Another small piece of the same fabric is in Ed's birthday quilt, which will become a Christmas gift since it's beyond late for August 30th.)

Our new church, which is being extensively renovated, from having been a furniture warehouse, will be called the Jerusalem Center, so the new Jerusalem has a little extra meaning.

We presented it to our Pastor after the service on Sunday. He said it was profound and that he loved it. I'll settle for that he likes it and will enjoy it.

I included the following info for Pastor Jonathan:


We hope you enjoy this small wall quilt.

It is named, Revelation, for more than one reason. Of course we see the shofars and the Lamb and the new, square, Jerusalem coming down out of heaven.

But there is also the revelation of the Hebrew Holy Days’ coinciding with the age, which you have illuminated for us. Since this is your birthday present, though quite late, the autumn holy days are also here. Feast of Trumpets [Rosh HaShana], Yom Kippur, in which the sins of the people were confessed on the head of a goat -- which we know is symbolical of our beloved Lamb, and Tabernacles [Succot]. There is leaf pattern fabric on the back as a symbol of the autumn Holy Days, during which your birthday usually falls.

The shofar in the first block has quilting that represents the breath of the blower as well as the Ruach HaKodesh [Holy Spirit], and the blast that emanates from the shofar, garnering attention from all in earshot.

The Lamb is on a background of cobblestones because He walked the streets in His day, and still does, through His disciples.

The New Jerusalem has gates. If you pull them open, you will see a 7 branch menorah ablaze because Messiah has come. It also symbolizes our not yet ready, new Jerusalem Center. [flames were made with hot fix crystals, not too visible on the photos that follow]

The binding of the quilt is in an overdyed purple with gold.

As we mentioned to Renata, when we gave her the Kadosh Wall Quilt - When one makes a quilt, whether large or small, there must be 3 layers of material, the top, the batting and the back. If any layer is missing, the item in question is no longer a quilt. That reminds us of the Triunity of God. Although many different fabrics can be and are used to make a quilt, a wise quilt maker washes and dries the fabric before putting it into a quilt, to see what will happen to it under the most adverse conditions. That reminds us of the testing of the Lord and how He applies stresses and pressures to us, so we can see whether it is His nature or our nature that manifests under strain. Then and only then, does He use us. Some of the stitching in a quilt is for construction, to join the pieces and hold them together - those are unseen stitches. Other stitches are on the surface, intended to be viewed. They express the creativity of the quilt maker. Both kinds of stitches, the unseen stitches that hold the pieces together and the decorative stitches are necessary. That reminds us of all the different gifts and callings in the Body of Messiah. Some are public and some are private, but all work together for the glory of God. The pieces of fabric from which a quilt is made must be cut with the utmost precision, except for one particular kind of quilt. It is called a Crazy Quilt. Precision and order are necessary in the work of the Lord, otherwise things can get crazy and detract from one’s witness. The middle layer of the quilt is hidden (except in its influence on the overall appearance) and pierced, kind of like the Afikomen. [matzo that is hidden and wrapped in a white linen napkin at the Passover Seder - a foreshadowing of Jesus being pierced and wrapped in linen, and hidden and then seen again]

This Revelation Wall Quilt was designed and made just for you. Of course it is very interpretive and not an accurate literal translation from what we read into graphic representation, but rather conveys interpretations of some Revelation’s allusions.



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