Saturday, December 12, 2009

a gift from wonderful max mclean

I was so happy to receive a flyer from Max's ministry today. Besides various audio Bibles and classics of the faith, once again he is making The Gift of God, HIS CHRISTMAS STORY available as a free download. If you don't already have this beautiful, Scriptural telling of the Christmas story, or if you have never heard Max read or see him act, you really should grab this download. There are no strings attached. No one will bombard you with emails or anything else. I have had a CD of this for some years. One of our audio Bibles came with it as a free extra. I have the entire audio Bible on my BlackBerry, for on-demand listening, but I didn't think of putting this file on it. With 13 days until Christmas, I think I will.

Here's the description of the MP3, from Max's web site: When we hear the Christmas story what do we feel? Is it just a nice story? Well, yes. But it is also telling us that a huge event has just taken place; an event so big that it changes everything. Why? Because the infinite, eternal being who created all things decided to pay us a visit, knock on our front door, get to know us and find out about our hurts and our pains.

Feel the weight of this extraordinary event in this new 25-minute scripture CD that explores the size and magnitude of Christmas. Make this a part of your holiday celebrations.

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