Monday, December 6, 2010


I'll try to take a photo tonight, but I have a loaded schedule, with having just had a distant uncle pass away. I have to run to pay my respects today and go to the funeral tomorrow, which is going to cut into "free" time.  

I have done a tail-ectomy on the Morehouse Alligator Scarf I made for a gift. He was just too short. I added a few rows to lengthen him & I did get gauge when I swatched, but I want him to be more luxuriously long for Dottie.  I used to very thin circs to grab stitches above and below the last normal body scale rows, before the beginning of the decreases for the tail.  I will knit several more rows of scales and then try my hand at grafting the tail scale rows and tail end. If I have to re-knit them, so be it, but I'll try to save the time by doing a "implant."
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