Saturday, January 1, 2011

review: knit the season

So, as Christmas approached, I decided to read Knit the Season by Kate Jacobs, the knitlit author of The Friday Night Knitting Club and Knit Two. I'd had the book since it was published but not cracked it open for the year or 2 since. First, let me say I LOVED the Friday Night Knitting Club, and like everyone else who read it, wept at the part at which one should weep. (Not giving it away if you'd like a good read.) I thought Purl 2 was okay.  I didn't love it. I thought it was a little too predictable, but it was okay. Let me also say that I went on the wait list at my library to get Comfort Food,  Kate's book that immediately followed The Friday Night Knitting Club. I was the second or third person to read it from my library, and I returned it after reading 2 chapters.  I loathed the main character and wasn't willing to endure her, and thereby waste my time reading.  It just didn't float my boat.

Well, Knit the Season was not a pleasant read.  I'm a musician and the only way I can express it, is that the rhythm of the writing was way off.  May I be so opinionated as to call it forced? I knew the characters and understood everything Ms. Jacobs was writing, but her choice of words and prequel passages were just so cumbersome to me. I stuck it out and finished it.  It was okay, at best.  If I didn't like the character, Dakota, I wouldn't have finished it.

I was disappointed with this book. I think the Friday Night Knitting Club was a block buster because it was so real.  I don't know that making it a series was the wisest choice, given the 2 books that followed.  I must say that I am looking forward to the film of The Friday Night Knitting Club, which I understand is in some phase of production.

happy 2011 & Christmas knitting review

Well, the new year is here. I have tinkered with this blog for a while today ~ although not too much has been accomplished. I still have to add lots of links.  I did make a feedburner feed for it.

All the Christmas knitting was completed "on time."  The last project was finished at 5:20 pm on Christmas Eve and we had to leave to meet the recipient at 5:35.
I took pictures of everything and will get them into my Flickr gallery this week, without fail. I didn't create anything terribly breath-taking, but everything was well-received. The list of Christmas gift knitting was:
  • Morehouse Swiss Cheese scarf in denim and natural Wool-Ease
  • Morehouse Alligator scarf in Lion Brand Superwash Merino
  • Morehouse Swiss Cheese scarf in Lion Brand denim Wool-Ease
  • Ann Budd Ribbed Scarf with Crocheted Edge in Lion Brand Superwash Merino
  • Merino Sea Cel Bias Scarf with Ruffle  in Lion Brand Superwash Merino
  • 4 Berroco Minutia '09 mini sweaters in various left over yarns
  • ZigZag scarf in Lion Brand Homespun
  • Rectangular Shawl in KaraBella Magic
  • Tahki Yarns Honeycomb Beret and Collar in 2 strands of Lion Brand Wool-Ease
  • 6 Bernat Family Toques in Lion Brand Wool-Ease
  • 2 Nanette Blanchard Balaclavas in Lion Brand Wool-Ease
  • Original Welted Vine 2 Button Gaiter in Lion Brand Wool-Ease
  • Original Welted Vine Shawl Pinned Gaiter in Lion Brand Wool-Ease
The biggest hit, by far, was the Alligator Scarf. I made it for a friend who teaches young children in a poor, cold-in-the-winter school, where she frequently keeps a scarf around her neck all day.  (She received the shawl pinned gaiter, too.)  After she opened the Alligator she told me that she always dismisses the kids by saying, "See ya later, Alligator."  So, they're going to love that scarf.

The Swiss Cheese scarves were warmly received too. So, kudos to Morehouse Farms.  Great patters.  The Alligator was a lot of fun and I have one on the needles currently for me.

Other projects in progress are:
  • toe up socks
  • lengthening a few pair of socks I made last year (long story)
  • a balaclava for me (stash buster & after getting wind burned last week when we dug the cars out of snow, I can definitely use one)
  • Bernat Honeycomb Beret and Scarf
I have yarn pulled for a shawl and sweater too. I want to do some stash busting in the coming months.

In 2011, I plan to knit for me, for a change.  I haven't made anything for myself, other than socks, for years!  So I'm looking forward to knitting and crocheting for me.  In this new year I also plan to finish up all my machine sewing UFOs - one of which is a late Christmas gift. I'll be such a happy person when all the WIPs are current ones, not UFOs.

I have to finish that 36 x 24 dog bed UFO this weekend. That's where I'm headed now. Then I can finish my tree skirt (extremely early for  Christmas '11 ~ doesnt' that sound better than late for '10?), a mini wall quilt I hope to hang on our apartment door if I finish it before spring and a Christmas panel I machine quilted that needs binding.
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