Saturday, January 8, 2011

tech meltdown

I had grand designs on working on this blog a little more this weekend, but our tech challenges re-arranged my week and now, just getting to the "have to"s is occupying most of my time.

There I was minding my own business when my free iMac just shut off while I was using it  on Tuesday.  Not a big concern, short term because I had just backed it up on an external drive.  It was given to us because it was unreliable, but had been behaving itself since July.  Okay, so I'd have to do anything necessary on my BlackBerry until we got the iMac to turn on and remain on until we wanted it off. Not exactly hardship.

But then, Thursday when I shut off the morning alarm on my BlackBerry, the track pad seemed sticky, in that it was barely responsive.  Well, it seriously malfunctioned all day - rendering my cool cool cool communication dynamo a wimpy telephone.  A lot of good that does when everyone except the E-man contacts me by txt, bbm or email.

Ed got to the bottom of the computer issue and I'm using it to create this post (but I'll back up the system as soon as I'm done) and VZW is sending me a replacement Bold, which I should have Monday, unless I'm not home when it's delivered. In that case I'll have it Tuesday.

I still aspire to get to making a table skirt and finally finish Sam's bed this weekend.  We'll see how far along I get.

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