Tuesday, January 18, 2011

wistful might be too strong

This weekend VK Live is scheduled to take place in NY.  I've been considering just going to have a look around, since it was announced in the summer.  I purposely didn't choose to take any classes. There were 2 reasons for that: There wasn't a class I needed to take and since it was scheduled in January in NY, I thought the weather might be iffy.  Sure there was a class or 2 I'd have been interested in taking, but nothing I couldn't live without.  Then, there was the issue of cost.  My budget is too tight, especially since the E-man's last day of work (involuntarily) will be February 1st. Be all that as it may, I'm still slightly sad that I won't be ogling the eye candy. 

So, as VK Live approaches, I'd love to be there and feel the buzz of yarny energy, but I'm not going to go into the City just to look or to break the bank.  This year, I'm hoping to do a lot of stash busting and watching for extraordinary opportunities to save on quality supplies, whether yarn, fabric, tools or trims.

I will probably make this Perry Ellis Skyline Sweater some time in the coming year or 2. The people at Vogue Knitting suggested using the basic design element in something the attendees of Live wear or carry to the event.  Very clever.  When I make mine, I think I'll make the sky blue and the buildings silvery.

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