Saturday, June 25, 2011

slim schedule

This is the time of year when half or more of my students disappear for a month or the whole summer, and so it is in 2011. Despite the crummy economy, I have recently taken on  2 new students, Lani and Hugo.  One is a child, the other an adult. I have  2 consultations scheduled for this coming week. I think one is about 95% likely to convert to a weekly student.  The other, I don't know about.  I get the impression he may be less committed to the idea of learning to play, but it's just an impression.

I'm going to try to smoosh (that's a technical term) my students into 2, or at the very outside, 3 days, and have 4 days in a row off. With the E-man out of work since February 1st, there isn't any chance of going away this year.  3 days on and 4 off is fine. I will still be able to get some things done that I never get around to during the academic year, and I will have enough of a break of routine to be a little refreshed (I hope.)

The  1st week of August will be VBS at Grace.  I am hoping any students having lessons that week will be able to modify their lesson times to give me the evenings free.

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