Wednesday, September 14, 2011

random timing or masterful coincidence?

I recently received an email ad from Webs America's Yarn Store.  I like their prices on some things and all the orders I have ever placed with them have been handled efficiently and quickly.  I know some people have had issues, but I have not.  They have introduced Knitter's Pride knitting needles and crochet hooks. The knitting needles come in straights, dpns, circs and interchangeable circs.  The colored wood line is called Dreamz, the natural wood line is called Basicx,  the the nickle plated line is called Nova, the square wood line is called Cubic, the solid rosewood line is called Symfonie and the acrylic line is called Trendz.

First, the Dreamz, Nova and Trendz look to be the Knit Picks Options needles (which are also made in India, probably by the same company.) Knit Picks's Harmony line is multi-colored wood while the Webs  offering is single color needles with each size being a different color. The Novas look the same and the Trendz acryllcs  are in transparent colors, which I have suggested to Knit Picks in the past.  The perfectly clear acrylic Zephyrs in their line can be hard to look at, depending upon the needle size and the yarn you're using.

The cables and needle size markers and end stoppers look the same too.

I ordered 1 pair of Cubic and a cable because I have heard so many glowing reports about the comfort and great stitch consistency that the use of  square needles. I suspect that the cables will be interchangeable with the Options ones of which I have a plethora. If they are, I will likely be purchasing from Webs because their price point on the acrylics is over  $10 less and if I don't increase my interchangeable stash with the Cubic line, I probably get some Trendz.

The most interesting thing about this offering from Webs is the timing.  Kelley and Bob  at Knit Picks are taking more of a support role there, now and Bob's son is at the helm. I understand from a podcast a while ago, that he's been there for about a year learning the business and integrating into his new career, but now, he's  really the decision maker.  I can't help but think Webs timed this perfectly to leverage  sales  away from Knit Picks.  Maybe not, but if not, it's a remarkable coincidence.

I'll review the Cubic needles after they arrive.

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