Wednesday, October 26, 2011

bobbled hoodie

Ah, the storied "Bobbled Hoodie" by Tahki Stacey Charles Spring 2008 book, that I've been working on for a while.... It's done and I wore it several times last week. Every time I put it on, I smiled.  I smiled broadly, in fact.

I used stash yarn (which is my focus for the foreseeable future) rather than the yarn called for in the pattern.  I had gotten a killer deal on 2 bags of Wick by Knit One Crochet Too in Sea Gold, a blue, cream and goldish color.  As is my custom, after reading the pattern, I decided to knit the front and back simultaneously until they differed (past the beginning of the arm hole shaping.  I'm a bit paranoid about parts matching when I don't knit the entire sweater in the round, so once the pieces were different, I clipped a marker to every row on which I knit bobbles, so when seaming, I would have a very accurate joining guide.  I also knit the sleeves simultaneously.  If I had given it more thought, I would have knit the whole thing in the round.

The last step of the pattern before blocking and sewing together/weaving in ends, is to knit the hood.  I knit that miserable hood TWICE.  I triple counted my stitches  and both times the hood just didn't work.  

Having knit quite a bit of I-cord to lace through the placket, I decided to make an attached I-cord edge around the neck.  It would coordinate with the laced I-cord and also with the bobbles. 

Ah, but what to do about the name, "Bobbled Hoodie?"  That wouldn't do.  So, I call it, "Marie," in honor of Marie Antoinette, who also had her head chopped off.

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