Wednesday, October 26, 2011

chemo hats for Dottie

Last week, when I spoke to Dottie, she mentioned that now that she has no hair, the slightest chill in the air makes her head and the rest of her cold.  Well, she's surely dealing with enough adversity.  She said the silky scarf type head coverings she sometimes wears when she goes out don't really keep her warm. So, of course, I volunteered to make her some hats.  I had already purchased Simplicity 2494 pattern set of fleece hats, intending to make 1 or 2 of the designs for her. After looking at the  pattern pieces and instructions, I decided on one particular pattern that is a cloche. The others were more complex than I wanted to tackle.

Cutting the fleece to the shapes of the pattern pieces was a challenge that I overcame by making templates for the pattern pieces.  I'm sure there's a more precise way to do it than my way, but it sufficed.

I only made 1 of the fleece cloches because I wanted to be certain Dottie liked it and that it fit her properly.  That cloche was made on Sunday.

On Saturday, E-Rex was out most of the morning and afternoon. I had slated the day for cleaning, but because I was thinking about Dot's cold chemo head, I did a little stash diving, in  search of soft bulky yarn.  I found some oddments of  Lion Brand Homespun, from previous gift projects.   I grabbed a large crochet hook (I don't remember if it was M or N), started with a double loop, made 8 half double crochets, pulled the ring tight and increased the 8 hdcs every round to create a circle the size of the top of her head and then crocheted evenly until the hat reached the length I wanted.  It went so quickly, I started another one (At that point I was UIC: under the influence of crochet.  Knitters needing to make yarn things quickly are prone to this because crochet goes so much faster than knitting.) The second crocheted hat was made similar to the 1st one, but with single crochet rather than half doubles.  I think I made each hat in less than an hour.

After a little more stash diving, I found some Wool Ease in a mushroom-y color. I knit 2 watch caps in 1x1 ribbing. One, I made short for sleeping and around the house, the other, longer, for outdoors.

Monday, I reached Dottie (was unable to  on Sunday.)  We told her we were coming down to deliver hats.  She gave us a hat-shion show and I was so happy they all fit fine.  She loved the fleece hat, so now that I know it fit her and she liked it, I will make the same cloche in a cream color fleece and in black fleece.

Have a look at my photos in Flickr if you like: Chemo Hats

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