Wednesday, October 26, 2011

cubics interchangeable knitting needle review

Not too long ago, I was thrilled to find that Webs, America's Yarn Store, began to carry a line of knitting needles made by Knitter's Pride.  Knitter's Pride also makes knitting needles for Knit Picks, which I have used for years. I have always had  2 issues with the Knit Picks needles: I wanted a second color cable, so when one knits circularly on 2 circular needles, one circular would have 1 color cable and the other would have another.  It would save a lot of double checking time. I also wanted the acrylic set to be available in any color, not only the crystal clear ones that are available.  They are difficult to use in some lighting. Although I had these small issues, I still used and loved the needles. I just wished for the improvements.

Well, fast forward to Webs' launch.  Not only are their cables black/charcoal gray rather than the  purple Knit Picks ones, but the acrylics are in an assortment of color keyed by needle size.  Great!  However, the best part of the launch is the inclusion of Cubics needle tips.  I have wanted to try the Kollage square needles for a long time but I already had a huge collection of the Knitter's Pride ones and the Kollage needles were pricier, so I stifled my yen.

I ordered 1 set of Cubics tips and some cables from Webs.  I have used them for a few projects and they are in my WIP Chocolate Cherry Spanish Dancer Shawl.   It's true that the square needles are extremely comfortable to hold and with which to knit.  I don't know if I'm simply suggestible or if it's true that stitches are more consistent with the square needle profile.    The Cubics tips are only available in a few sizes at this time.  I have since ordered 2 pair in the  3 most common sizes with which I commonly knit.  I'd like to see an entire size 4 - 13 set become available. Currently, the smallest size available is  6.

My overall review of these needles? EXCELLENT!  They're great feeling, are beautiful wood that is warm in your hands, produce lovely fabric, are priced right and have a no questions asked guarantee.  

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