Saturday, October 29, 2011

too good to pass up

On the way home from "emergency automobile inspection," (translation: taking the Explorer to be inspected after I discovered that E-Rex never did it because he thought someone might have said that they though there might not be, automobile inspection in NJ anymore.) I had other plans for today, but I didn't want to push grace any farther than it already had been pushed.   

On the way home, I  made a pit stop into the JoAnn store in Paramus because I had a moonlight madness 30% off everything, including sale items, card in my wallet and I thought it would expire on the  29th.  With snow in the forecast, I doubted that I would get out for a JoAnn run tomorrow, and if I did, it would probably be Interstate, not the Paramus location.

I found a few things that were Buy One Get One Half Off.  When I combined those bargains with the additional 30% off everything, my purchase total was just higher than 50% of the already discounted retail prices for everything.  That was nice.

Then, I went to Guitar Center for a book for one of my students.....which they didn't have.  That wasn't.

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