Saturday, January 8, 2011

a good yarn

Double entendre intended. Last week, I had a large gap of time between 2 guitar students, but not close enough to home to warrant wasting the gas and time to go home, only to return to the general area again an hour later.  So, I went to my favorite LYS, Creative Knitworks.  I have 2 queued  projects that required another skein of yarn before I can comfortably begin them and I took a shot that I could find them there. 

One project is the CubixX2 top by Helene Rush.  

When I pulled the yarns from my stash (which I'm making a concerted effort to bust in 2011) I determined that my estimate of a substitute yarn I planned to use, might be a little shy.  I might be able to make the top if I ripped out my swatch and used that yarn and didn't make any alterations.  So, my idea was to see if I could get at least 1 more skein. But, the original purchase of yarn was during a July 4th sale and it was clearance yarn at that time.  I was ecstatic to find just one skein of it in the ultra clearance rack - the last one in the store. Yay!
This is the yarn, but I am using black. It's Aslan Trends Glacier Del Cielo cotton. The multi shown in the top in the photo is Ty Dye, which is the yarn I'm planning to use.

The other is the Spanish Dancer Shawl by Sandi Luck.  

Originally I planned to use skeins of different Claudia Hand Paint fingering merino but on this one, I was also short by a skein. Something was definitely up with my in July. The colorway I wanted another skein of was Mountain Sky.  When I found enough of that gorgeous color to make the whole shawl, I opted for purchasing all of it. So much for stash busting.  I just love the colors and will surely use the orphan skeins originally slated for this shawl, in other projects. 

The colors are actually more dusty than this, with the main color being a very pale sky blue.

tech meltdown

I had grand designs on working on this blog a little more this weekend, but our tech challenges re-arranged my week and now, just getting to the "have to"s is occupying most of my time.

There I was minding my own business when my free iMac just shut off while I was using it  on Tuesday.  Not a big concern, short term because I had just backed it up on an external drive.  It was given to us because it was unreliable, but had been behaving itself since July.  Okay, so I'd have to do anything necessary on my BlackBerry until we got the iMac to turn on and remain on until we wanted it off. Not exactly hardship.

But then, Thursday when I shut off the morning alarm on my BlackBerry, the track pad seemed sticky, in that it was barely responsive.  Well, it seriously malfunctioned all day - rendering my cool cool cool communication dynamo a wimpy telephone.  A lot of good that does when everyone except the E-man contacts me by txt, bbm or email.

Ed got to the bottom of the computer issue and I'm using it to create this post (but I'll back up the system as soon as I'm done) and VZW is sending me a replacement Bold, which I should have Monday, unless I'm not home when it's delivered. In that case I'll have it Tuesday.

I still aspire to get to making a table skirt and finally finish Sam's bed this weekend.  We'll see how far along I get.

Monday, January 3, 2011

what I learned from sam's bed

Before I received a call from a quilter friend, Michelle, last night ~ which was a marathon conversation and took me away from the sewing machine, I learned a great truth I have heard many an excellent sewing enthusiast, like Material Girl, Donna say: It's wise to make a muslin sample before you sew the good stuff.

Well, now I understand and I'm so glad I did.

You know, how when you make a pillow for your sofa, couch, love seat, bed etc, and you don't want to use a zipper, you overlap the back panels for easy access to the pillow and for easy removal for laundering etc.? Well, I learned a great thing: When you're making a 36" dense foam pillow cover --- you can't make a big overlap because the foam is so rigid, you can't get the pillow into it.  Ah ha.  

Now, I will make the fleece and denim cover with one of the long bands overlapping, rather than the off-center back of the bed.  Wow, am I glad I did the muslin.  

The bed is late - which I can deal with. But at least now, it will be finished and usable. Yay!

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