Friday, February 11, 2011

the past few weeks

Well, despite that I have not uploaded all my photos nor linked to them here, I have been fairly productive. I'm still working on MOLCU (My Own Little Crochet U) - so that remains in the WIPs category. But into the Done! column goes:
  • Honeycomb Beret (needs to be blocked and a button sewn on after I try it on blocked)
  • Honeycomb Collar (also needs to be blocked and 2 buttons sewn on after I try in on blocked)
  • Sam's Bed (FINALLY!!!!!!!!!)
  • My Morehouse Alligator Scarf (I love this scarf.  I don't care what anyone thinks about it - positive or negative - it makes me feel good and it makes me smile to wear it.)
Now, I am lengthening a few pair of hand knit socks (long story) and working on a new pair.  My current WIPs.

I will be swatching for my CubixX2 pull over and the Spanish Dancer Shawl. (And recording my swatch details on a cute card I designed for said purpose that I obtained from Vista Prints)

My sewing machine malfunction of a week or 2 ago has been vanquished by brute determination. I plan to sew tomorrow.   Super yay!
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