Saturday, June 25, 2011

slim schedule

This is the time of year when half or more of my students disappear for a month or the whole summer, and so it is in 2011. Despite the crummy economy, I have recently taken on  2 new students, Lani and Hugo.  One is a child, the other an adult. I have  2 consultations scheduled for this coming week. I think one is about 95% likely to convert to a weekly student.  The other, I don't know about.  I get the impression he may be less committed to the idea of learning to play, but it's just an impression.

I'm going to try to smoosh (that's a technical term) my students into 2, or at the very outside, 3 days, and have 4 days in a row off. With the E-man out of work since February 1st, there isn't any chance of going away this year.  3 days on and 4 off is fine. I will still be able to get some things done that I never get around to during the academic year, and I will have enough of a break of routine to be a little refreshed (I hope.)

The  1st week of August will be VBS at Grace.  I am hoping any students having lessons that week will be able to modify their lesson times to give me the evenings free.

lower lash mascara!?

I thought a really good first Ridiculous post would be appropriate.

Have you seen the commercial on TV (or in print) for Clinique's Bottom Lash Mascara?  Now, I'll admit that I don't spend hours a day on make up, but I do face and eyes every morning.  But come on! Separated mascara for just your lower lashes?  I know, I know, they're short.  I thought the universal beauty tip for them was ----- wait for it ------- holding your mascara wand vertically instead of horizontally.   I'll be amazed if it sells.  But, hey, who am I?  Pet Rocks sold back in the day.

Sorry if I offended anyone who purchases the product.  

I'm still here

It has been months since my last post. It is what it is.  I am working on getting photos on Flickr and tagging and organizing them.  But so many things continue to interrupt my plans. Ditto for keeping things up to date in Ravelry.  Because summer is traditionally slower for me, I hope to catch up and be "current" on this blog and in Ravelry.  I'm so annoyed by not having all my photos available on Flickr that at times when I could write for a while, I just don't do it.

I know I don't currently have the time to turn this into a podcast - which is what I'd prefer it be.  Keeping up with weekly podcasting for my guitar instruction is all but overload, but it is yielding student inquiries, so I dare not discontinue doing my weekly show. 

In the past 4 or so months, I have been slowly getting back to sewing - which makes me happy. Tomorrow, my plan is to alter some tank tops that have gaping arm holes (not bra-friendly at all)  and T-shirts that are too long in addition to too big. I'm looking forward to it.

I have finished my Spanish Dancer (from shawl and love it.  I plan to make at least 1 more, perhaps more than that.  It was a super easy pattern - all garter with a center double increase, knit on i-cord and a picked up and knitted ruffle.  It called for Claudia hand painted fingering weight yarn, and shock of all shocks, that is the yarn I used. (It might be a first!)  As soon as I finish sorting out Flickr, I'll link to my photos.

The CubixX2 sweater, also from, is 3/4 done.  The front and back are awaiting shoulder connection and both sleeves are about 1/3 finished.   After the sleeves are attached, all that will remain to do is the neck edging, which is like the bottom edging on the sleeves and body, and weave in the ends.  I will be happy to have that done.

I am going to add a few labels to this blog, among which will be ChaChing (great sales and deals that I find) and  Ridiculous come to mind immediately, but there may be others.

I have about 40 minutes before my laundry will be done and I have to do some other things, so I'm going to post a few of the many updates I'd like to make.  Stay tuned for photos, eventually.

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