Thursday, June 30, 2011

tanks a lot

A few nights ago, I altered the 7 tank tops I have had for a few years. They're nothing special. I only wear them around the apartment -- or out if it's over 90 degrees. I didn't mind that they were loose (2 sizes too large, now) but because they were so loose, the arm holes, which were generous became gigantic and far too exposing. 

Tuesday evening, I took them up at the shoulders.  Nothing too tricky, except the width of the straps on the front differed from the back so I had to stretch the narrower strap to match the wider one, so the shoulder join didn't look crummy.

Although I use polyester thread in most of my sewing projects, other than piecing cotton fabric, I used cotton on these because I usually throw them into a hot dryer after they are washed.  For these, the little bit of temporary shrinkage is a plus.

One more small sewing chore is ticked off my To Sew list.  Yay!

not as slim as I thought

I'm off to the 2nd of 2 consultations for this week, in about an hour. Last night's went well. I will be guitar shopping with new student, Mike, on Saturday. The prospective student I'm seeing today already has a guitar because her dad already plays. My 3rd consultation has been postponed until some time next week because the potential student has family coming for the long weekend, and he's running behind schedule with things that must be done before they descend upon him.

My "summer" schedule isn't as small as I expected, which is a good thing.  I will be teaching late afternoon and evening Tuesday, all day through late evening Wednesday and all day through early evening Thursday (but if the last consultation yields a student, he will probably be assigned to Thursday evening too.)

I'm taking next week off from podcasting for the 4th of July holiday. I believe I began podcasting the 1st week of July last year.  Wow!  45 shows later, it's part of my weekly routine. I know that it influences potential student to call for lessons, so despite that it's a large time commitment to plan, record, mix and distribute, I'm going to continue.  I will be freshening up the web site in July, prior to approaching a particular string maker about sponsorship.

So, my usual summer down time is less this year, and chock full of things to do, including a reading list I would like to get through as well as sewing, knitting, crocheting and playing my guitar more than I am ordinarily able to.  I will have to manage my time efficiently, which is something I can do well, but don't always want to.

I will probably not teach the evening students the 1st week of August, because I want to assist at our VBS. The theme this year is Home Town Jerusalem, which should be wonderful.
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