Saturday, July 9, 2011 CubixX2 finished

Yeah, yeah... I'm still not up to date with the Flickr uploads and tags, but I'm going to post info now. When I can get to everything else, I will.

So, I completed the CubixX2 sweater.  I KIP-ed the ends of the sleeves at Borders on July 4th.  I did the assembly at home. 

It's done, ends are woven in, label is sewn in and photos have been taken.  I used one yarn the pattern called for, which is Knit One Crochet Too Ty-Dy. The pattern called for another Knit One Crochet Too yarn for the black color, but I substituted an Aslan Trends yarn, Glaciar del Cielo, in black - which isn't on their web site any longer, so it was probably a close out yarn.  The put up of yards is different but the yarn substitutes perfectly as far a s gauge and weight. Both yarns are 100% cotton and I got both of them on sale last year.

I liked the pattern. It was well written.  I especially liked knitting a 100% cotton sweater that is not going to grow into a tunic. Cotton yarn has not elasticity and will just keep stretching and growing, if the knitting stitches don't prevent it from doing so.  Well, CubixX2 has brilliantly placed slip stitch rectangles arranged in a visually pleasing design, which counter act the tendency of the yarn to stretch out to your knees.   The designer used 2 different Ty-Dy color ways.  I used just one.

When I knit or crochet with self striping or space dyed yarns and I'm making 2 of something, like socks or sleeves, I need the 2 things to look as similar as I can make them, so I make sure I'm starting from the same part in the dye pattern on 2 different balls of yarn.  I do it with my self patterning sock yarn and I did it for the  cute  3/4 length sleeves on the CubixX2.   If you make this pattern and decide to "match your sleeves," as I did. You may want to be sure you buy  1 extra ball of each of your Ty-Dy. If you make a large swatch and have to coordinate dye pattern, it may eat up a little more yarn than called for in the pattern.

The sizing was true, the gauge was accurate and the recommended amounts of yarn were correctly. I always buy an extra skein/ball - just in case.

I think I'll wear it to church tomorrow. I was tempted to wear it to meet the Material Girls when we had lunch yesterday, but it was hot and sticky out. Tomorrow morning should be just the right temperature.
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