Friday, August 12, 2011

you can't always do what you want

What I'd really like to be doing is reviewing the last book I finished, Slave, by John MacArthur (2 thumbs up, for now) and linking to Flickr photos of projects and recent activities.  I'd also like to be blogging about  WIPs,  some ChaChing bargains, a personal update and more.

After the financial reports of this past week, I put:

When the storms of life rage
The Lord is our refuge

on the Grace sign this week.

My GuitarTechniqueTutor.Com web site overhaul is in progress.  I think I'm 75% or more done, but I can't say that with certainty.

All the blogging I'd really like to do has to wait until GuitarTechniqueTutor.Com is shiny, new and fully functional.  Then I'll be able to resume podcasting, too.  I hope that will be within the week - maybe less, if my work has been as accurate and measured as I think it's been.

I tested an app that I can use to blog from my iPod Touch, and it seemed to work flawlessly.  That will be handy for short posts.

I am hoping to get here regularly ASAP.
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