Wednesday, January 11, 2012

hello, cash. bye bye, stuff

So, the seals I purged from my collection sold. One set of 3, which were really nothing special garnered what they were worth. But the 2 vintage peace sign ones were a big hit and fetched a pretty penny. Yay! While I was auctioning, I also sold a pricey pair of Birkenstocks that I bought at Steppin' Birkenstock in Ridgewood last year, just before I switched to wearing and getting total arch relief from Orthaheels.  Literally, I wore them about 3 times and they were in like new condition.  My auctions ended Monday and I shipped Tuesday and today. Everyone got a good deal and I picked up a little play money.  It's true I love those Barnes and Noble gift cards, but I love the sound of cha ching even more.

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