Saturday, January 7, 2012

in progress

Although I haven't posted anything, the least of which, finished projects, I do have several things in progress.

When Ed was taken to the hospital, I was in the midst of what I thought was going to be Christmas sewing. I had a couple more fleece cloches in progress.

I will be getting to them soon.  I hope, this weekend.  It won't take long to finish them, and I can't even express what it will do for my sense of accomplishment.  I know they're no great shakes, but just that they will be finished will be wonderful for me.

I was also making 2 bags, the outside fabric of which, a student brought me from Israel, last year.  As soon as I looked at it, it screamed, "bag," and whispered, "pillow".  Our new sofa bed is small and has sufficient (over abundant) pillows for now.  I have only cut out the outer fabric, the lining and have attached the inner pocket fabric, and I have cut the outer pocket and its lining fabric.  I purchased handles for the bags. I will finish them, but it will most likely be after the cloches are completed.

The advantage knitting and crochet have over machine sewing, is that they are portable, providing the project isn't too large. I'm still working on my second Spanish Dancer shawl in Claudia Hand Painted fingering yarn in the Chocolate Cherry colorway. I would love it done, but I can't seem to remain project monogamous at the moment. I will complete it. I love the colors and I get a lot of use out of its older sister in Mountain Sky.

I swatched over the past month or so and have 2 projects I have jonesed to make in their very early stages:

The Tyra Top has been calling me for over a year. I'm making it from  yarn that has been in my stash, literally, for 25 years. I remember purchasing tons of it at Flatlands Yarncraft, when it was in Paramus, in the mall across Rte 4 from the Bergen Outlets. Is this when I should note that the Tyra Top's yarn is not the only yarn I have from 25 years ago from Flatlands?  Since I confessed it, I have to add that the skeins in my stash are the left overs from previously made projects (that were made and/or given away in the 80's and 90's.)

This is a very unusual garment that will serve the purpose of a light vest or shawl, but I just love the asymmetry of it.  The 2/2 rib shown is the back band. The yarn is called  Carnivale by Neta Yarns that is no longer in business by that name. It's a blend of acrylic, rayon, mohair and  nylon. I can't wait to wear this garment.

The other garment that has had my attention for quite a while is a Lion Brand pattern called the Cable Luxe Tunic. Because of my salt and pepper hair, I am actually making it out of the same heather gray colorway specified in the pattern.  I think that's a first.

What you see above is just the beginning of the cabled yoke, below the garter stitch upper yoke. This is a flattering style and I know the plethora of cables will be a visual feast. This one is going to take longer but I would like to strive to get it done before it's too warm to wear it.  Wool-Ease is fairly warm because it's mainly acrylic with only 20% wool.  

In addition to the second Spanish Dancer I mentioned at the beginning of this post, I also have a pair of socks on needles. I think I began them a year ago. My feet want them to be finished, but I think Tyra is going to be the first WIP that will move to the Done! category.

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