Saturday, January 7, 2012

recently acquired seals

My seal collection has grown a bit. The last time I updated my seal collection page was in the summer when I purchased the Manuscript interchangeable seal coins and holder just before Borders closed its doors.

Over Christmas I received some wax seals that I didn't already have, which is a nice surprise.  One interesting one is I Love You in  American (or maybe international) sign language. Since I have a friend who instructs the deaf to whom I send correspondence throughout the year, it will be a very useful seal. I also received a vintage Merry Christmas with a bell seal with an ornate cross handle, and a vintage, German seal with holly leaves and berries. I also received a new snowflake seal and an initial D seal (not that I don't have any of those) that is a fob! What a treat! I haven't decided whether I'll suspend it from a brooch or from a chain, but either way, I will enjoy having, using and wearing the seal.

I currently have a bid on a vintage bicentennial seal in an Ebay auction that was from 1976.  The seal for auction has a sterling handle and is different from the bicentennial seal I already have.  I didn't bid much. I think the auction ends this weekend.

I put a couple of seals I never use, up for auction. They are seals that were in a set that I received as a gift some time ago. There is already a bid on them. I hope the recipient will enjoy them, whether they will be for correspondence, scrap booking or some other endeavor.

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