Wednesday, January 11, 2012

easy quilts review

Several months ago I joined to Fons & Porter's Quilters Club of America, not that I needed Easy Quilts, the publication of the club, but primarily for the JoAnn VIP card, which entitles the bearer to a discount. I calculated a very conservative year of purchases and the membership cost was less than the savings.  Although it's only  early January, the Spring, 2012 issue of Easy Quilts arrived a week or so ago.

I'm more a process crafter. Teach me the technique and leave me alone so I can create my vision with it. It's rare that I will actually use a pattern as it is written, with the exception of a large knit or crochet garment. I haven't plunged into designing large garments. Too much time and stash involved. At this time, I want my crafting time to yield something that pleases me.  Designing for my own use may be down the road when I have less on my plate.

All that being said, there were a couple of quilts that were interesting in the Spring 2012 issue. I think my favorite was Modern Maze. By favorite, I mean, I could see myself making it and using it. 

The other 2 quilts, the techniques of which I can imagine myself playing with are  Buttons and Blooms, because I have a soft spot for yo-yos, and Hearts and Flowers.

This Hearts and Flowers quilt is cute and takes me back to the 60's/70's.  My version, were it to be made would take the opposite approach to color, and it would employ psychedelic, hot colors - not insane, but surely bold.  I would also probably replace the corner hearts with smaller versions of the center motif and add a wide border of a bold color wavy print. I think the pastels used in the magazine are 

I still haven't finished the 3 cloches that are nearly done.  I'm hoping to sit back down to the sewing machine this weekend. Perhaps as soon as Friday. 

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