Thursday, January 12, 2012

vk live, take 2

Vogue Knitting Live is taking place this weekend. It's the second time this knitting mega show will be hosted at the NY Hilton.  Last year, I wanted to attend but didn't plan it because we began getting snow early (if I recall correctly, we had snow by Thanksgiving 2010) and the arches of my feet were just approaching their healing from a few years of torturous pain.   So, I was disappointed but planned not to attend.  This year, of course, when first I heard about VK Live, I thought, why don't they move it from January? The weather is always a question, but on reflection, I'm sure there are enough knitters right in Manhattan proper, to fill the show to overflowing, and I'm also sure knitters from all over will flock to the show.  The weather's going to be great this weekend, but still I'm not attending.  

The truth is, I'm keeping my spending on a tight leash.  I've recently dug around my stash, just to assess what I've got, and there is absolutely nothing I need.  I just purchased 3 skeins of a quite pricey yarn on Ebay, because the Buy It Now price was crazy and the shipping was free. Aside from a killer deal on a yarn I know I will use, I simply can't justify shopping for yarn.  

Of course the fashion shows will probably be as spectacular as last year, the kniteratti will be there and the vendors' displays will be a celebration of colorful eye candy. Still, if I  were to go, I might not maintain my resolve to not add to my stash... and I might not maintain my resolve in a big way, which would not be good for my character nor budget. So, once again, no VK Live for me.  Maybe next year.  

I will look forward to the blogs and podcasts about it and I'll watch the Tweets with interest when I'm not busy.  

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