Friday, January 6, 2012

where do I start?

I can't believe I haven't blogged since late October, but I'm not without excuse. Ed's health crisis was the night of November 10th and he wasn't released from the hospital until the 18th.  He was helpless for the first week he was home.  Then, we had a very quite, thankful Thanksgiving.  The following week, he still needed some assistance.  To say our lives went on hold would be an understatement.  All my Christmas crafting came to a stand still.

Just when I thought I would be able to post a few things here, about a month after Ed's hospitalization, I came home from teaching, Thursday, December 15th.  Just like the previous month, I found him uncharacteristically in bed, again with a fever, and again, nauseated. I won't elaborate any further than to say that it was a set back that neither of us thought we would have. Just as he began to improve,  I thought I felt queasy because I was suggestible. Not so.  I must have picked up a stomach bug.  It debilitated me for about 4 days.  It was at least a week before I was taking anything close to "normal" nutrition. (The only good thing was that I lost 3.5 pounds right before Christmas, which was good because too many nice people gave us good chocolate!)

Then, Christmas was upon us. Dottie's toxicity from her chemo caused her to be too sick to get together with us for Thanksgiving or Christmas Eve.  This year was the first Christmas Eve we didn't spend with her and Gerry in 28 years.  We had a quiet evening with a Christmas Eve service at church and simple dinner.  Christmas Day we dined at the home of our good friends, the Fosters, after church.  It was a delightful day. In attendance were Grove and Susan (the Fosters who were our hosts) and Michael (their son), Denise (their daughter-in-law) and their grand children Cole and Katelyn.  Grover and Ed are good friends and spend a lot of time together.  Susan and I have several parallel interests about which we're always comparing notes. What are the chances that at a dinner table of 8 there would be 2 Denises?  It was weird.  Michael is an animator and is also a guitar player.  Cole and Katelyn are always my star students in Children's Church classes. It was great to share a meal, fellowship and celebrate that Jesus condescended to enter our dimension of space and time so we could be saved from the penalty of sin.

We gave up our Fondue New Year's Eves last year. Had we not, Ed would not have gotten it this year, now that he is missing a gall bladder and the organ that processes fat. We had a more modest meal, and as usual, toasted the  2012 with a glass of de-alcoholized Asti at midnight. 

Tuesday, I resumed a regular schedule.  I'd like to aspire to blogging at the very least weekly. We'll see. This year, in addition for trying to build time into my life schedule for the things I love to do, I'm also going to try to get on a better sleep schedule.  That's a hard one, but I have maintained the discipline to renew the way I look at food and how I eat.  Now, I have to discipline my use of time and cipher how I am going to use it more wisely/not waste it.  The domino effect should be me getting enough rest and having quality time for my avocational passions.

Here's to 2012.

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