Thursday, June 28, 2012


June is drawing to a close and although I have a lovely podcast recorded and mixed, it's not going to be posted this month - and in fact, when I finally do post my premiere Sealed 4 Ever podcast, I will have to re-record because a lot of the segments will be outdated.  Man!!!

Profuse apologies for putting out bad info, but my reason for postponing is an unplanned and completely unexpected business opportunity to which I need to devote my time and attention. I'll blog about that after my web pages etc. are functioning.

I most especially have to apologize to Material Girl, Donna.  We sat in my van and recorded as segment in which I wanted to introduce you to her and have her tell you about her crafting exploits - which are interesting and funny. She wasn't completely at ease, but our session turned out very well.  The good thing is that she can relax when we re-record, because she realized it wasn't as bad she thought it would be.  She's willing to record again, and I hope she would consider being a regular on the show.

So, the Sealed 4 Ever podcast IS coming.  I just can't say when.  I'm hoping before the summer concludes.

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