Thursday, June 7, 2012

podcast begins this month!!

Okay, okay, I know I have vacillated like a whirling dervish...but I can't help my heretofore indecision.

I have decided that I WILL do a second podcast (the first one being for my business It won't be unique in that it will be "multi-craftsual," but rather the particular mix of segment topics. I will invite my Material Girls posse to contribute occasionally or regularly and I will have other interviews I. Addition to the usual segments I will introduce you to in the opening segment. The podcast will reflect the blog and the blog will double as a show notes page.

I'm looking forward to recording a show once or twice a month.

I really enjoy creating my guitar technique tutor podcast, which is at episode 076 as I write this post. The Sealed 4 Ever podcast will be a little less formal. I hope you'll join me for the first (and following) episodes.

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