Thursday, June 28, 2012


Because I couldn't find a local WWKIPD or WWKIPW event, I had hopes of KIP-ing with a friend, Susan, and even offering learn to knit in  15 minutes classes on the spot.  I even knitted some little samples of garter, stockinette and ribbing. Susan had other life necessities intervene, and great life necessities they were! She went with her son’s family to a golden retriever  breeder, where the son’s family selected a puppy. As it turned out, Susan picked a puppy too, so that’s going to be a terrific addition to her and her husband’s empty nest. I don’t blame her for skipping out on me for that.  I’d have done the same for her & in fact I did back out on an appointment with the Material Girls to drive down to a breeder to choose and bring home a hand fed baby parakeet, in February. 

 So when E-Rex went to his beloved Panera  on June  9th, WWKIPD I joined him & KIP-ed there for a while.  I worked on a pair of wild socks I’m knitting in a Cat Bordhi Sidestream pattern. I’m just using Red Heart,  Heart and Sole, in a colorway called Mellow Stripes (which harken back to the druggy song Mellow Yellow.  The colors are anything but mellow, in my opinion.)These socks were originally knitted a few  years ago, but since then some things have changed.  I lost a lot of weight a while ago and when I was bigger, I wore stretch legging type jeans, which were snug at the ankle, therefore,  I only wore short short socks.  But in the past year or so, I have resumed wearing regular jeans (and I DO love them) and my lower calves were getting so cold in the winter!  So one of my projects is to lengthen my too short socks.  It’s a real pain, but I won’t wear them that short when it’s cold outside anymore, and it gets cold in the winter here -- except for this past one. So I KIP-ed the ribbing on the socks.  I have one more pair left to unravel the bind off of and lengthen, then all my hand knit socks will the right length except for  1 pair that were experimental. I wear those to bed and never out, so those will remain short.

Since WWKIPD has evolved into WWKIPW, I set a goal of KIPing every day of that week and succeeded.  A couple of times, it was at Panera, sometimes it was on a bench at a park before a guitar student's lesson and then there were the doctor appointments.

I have said this so many times:  "Next year, I will have a better plan."  

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