Tuesday, May 29, 2012

like i said

In March, I had the crazy notion that I was going to resume blogging - regularly or otherwise, but shortly after that post,  E-Rex and I had medical developments that added just enough distraction and interruption in our schedules, to derail my plans.  I have a situation with my thyroid gland and E-Rex began some examinations that resulted in a diagnosis of prostate cancer, which cascaded into appointments, procedures and a surgery a few days ago.  

Barring anything else developing, I'm really really really hoping to resume blogging. I have missed it. 

Of course, as summer's approaching, I'm again (for the  3rd year) thinking about a podcast.  I do one nearly every week, so the nuts and bolts of it would be easy.  If I decide to go ahead, I think I'd be prudent to only do it monthly - at least to begin.  Personally, I enjoy podcasts that have more than 1 person speaking, so I might be able to get one of my fiber friends (Material Girls) to participate in an episode every so often, to talk about their exploits too. We'll see. 

So, I hope I'm back. If you're a subscriber, please excuse what I hope is going to be a flurry of catch up posts in the coming week or so.   
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