Monday, February 18, 2013

cooling off period

So there I was, relishing the 2 hour previous week's Downton Abbey  and the final episode of season 3 which was to immediately follow.  Yeah, right. Dowton Abbey has been the only TV program that has ever stopped my knitting or crochet, upon the first viewing of an episode.  I thought I could knit through the re-run of last week's episode because I had seen it 3 times last week. Then, I'd just hold my knitting while watching the season finale.

I'm working on what I only half-affectionately call the Money Pit shawl,  aka the Appalachian Shawl by Jessica Wright-Lichter for Classic Elite.  Money Pit because somehow I miscalculated my gauge and yardage requirements and therefore thought that some nice Araucania Quillay that I purchased on clearance at my LYS  and some left over skeins of superwash merino would be a perfect destashing project. 

De-stashing?  I don't even want to tell you how much more Araucania Quillay I have had to buy.  I'm so glad that Coveted Yarn had it (and in the dyelot I needed) the multiple times I ordered more.

I have knitted over 3/4 of the shawl and working it on a 40-something inch  connected to another 30-something inch long cable with Knitters Pride Cubix interchangeable tips. (I really like the square needles. My hands are much more relaxed holding them.)   I hadn't knitted for  10 minutes when one of the cables attached at the needle just let go. I gasped so desperately that E-Rex thought I was having a heart attack or lung embolism!!!  I freaked.    So, maybe 80 stitches were "loose."  Had I been working in a plain knit or purl it wouldn't have been so concerning, but  I was in a k2tog and lots of yarn overs row.  What to do?  I confess, I just looked at it for a while, partly in disbelief and partly in fear of moving and causing more stitches to escape or for the already escaped ones to mutate.  After carefully sliding out from under my work, I grabbed  point protectors and rubber bands to try to keep everything still on the cable where it was.  After they were secure, I used an old Susan Bates long, thin circular needle that I don't use for knitting anymore, to capture the loose stitches the best I could. Some were  just as they should be, some yarn overs disappeared and some stitches dropped to the row below.  At that point, there was about 20 minutes of Episode 6 of Downton Abbey left and I was still shaking my head with disbelief and muttering.

Next, I put a cable cap on one end of the cable containing the unaffected stitches and a needle tip on another 40-something inch cable and a cable cap on the other end.  I ripped back to the row below, stitch by stitch, from the Susan Bates skinny circ, to the new Cubix-ed cable.   When that was done, I reknit those stitches.  

Now, I've got 2 long cables with shawl stitches on both.  To connect them with an adapter (extender) in order to make a single long cable needle, I will have to put all the stitches on waste yarn, connect the needles and then transfer the stitches from the waste yarn to the  ultra-long needle. Do I want to?  

Last week I met with my MGs (Material Girls - friends who I met through the Embroiderers' Guild of America, all of whom do some kind of craft or fiber art) and worked on the Money Pit for a while.  At that time I said that I'd sunken so much into the yarn for it (which was supposed to be a de-stasher), that if I didn't love the shawl, when it was complete, I would rip it out and make a sweater of the Quillay.  It wasn't the first time I commented like that about the shawl.  Last night, I was ready to rip it out, rather than save the work I had already done.  

I hate the idea of having spent as much time as I have on the shawl, to never have it come to fruition.  On the other hand,  I'm really sick of it.  I'm not inclined to let it hibernate until some time in the uncertain future.  I like the yarn and want a garment or accessory made with it. So, I'll spend a few cooling off days. Of a certainty, I am not project-less.  I have a pair of socks on my needles,  I have begun crocheting the bottom of a tote that I think I'm going to like a lot, and I have my Cable Luxe Tunic (which I had hoped to wear this winter, but have only knitted the beginning of the yoke) on other needles.  

I'm frustrated and inclined to just rip the whole thing out, but I've been wearing a lot of shawls lately, and like them.  Oh, boy!

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