Tuesday, February 5, 2013

sealed with love

If any of my friends have been to the Post Office recently, no one told me the delight I'd find when I shuffled over to our local PO this morning. I have a good supply of forever stamps, accumulated over the past month or 2 and had no intention of purchasing any postage, today.

One of the new love stamps is called "Sealed with Love," and it's an image of the back of a wax-sealed envelope. This stamp has my name all over it!! The Post Master helped me and after setting the new stamp, I asked if it was available yet. He said, "Available? I don't think I have any left!" I told him that I HAD to have that stamp and that I'm a hardcore wax sealer. It's meant to be on my correspondence.

Nice guy that he is, he searched all the drawers and found 2 sheets for me. Yay! He said he would have more in a few weeks.

If you're a sealing wax aficionado, as I am, there's stamps are for you. 

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