Wednesday, February 13, 2013

that edie eckman!

I'm still enrolled in My Own Little Crochet U, which I thought I posted about on this blog, but I can't find the post. I know it's in my Flickr photos.

As I was listening to Yarn On Tap, the podcast from Knitters' Brewing Company,  Wendy and Kelly mentioned a book they picked up at TNNA, by Edie Eckman. As soon as I heard her name, I thought, "I guess that's another of Edie's tomes that needs to be in my library."

I've knit forever but I'm newer to crochet. Not desiring to spend a lifetime becoming proficient, I found Edie's book, Beyond the Square.  I took one look and knew it would become "My Own Little Crochet U."  So, I have set out to make every motif in the book (admittedly with life interruptions)  , whether I loved it or not.  I'm more than half way through and feel as though I can make any crochet project - the confidence is a wonderful thing.   I have Edie's Borders book, her Crochet Answers book and this new one about joining motifs, called Connect the Shapes  is going to be another one that I will relish for the technical concepts -- and at least I'll be able to create something from all those motifs I'm piling up!  

I emailed Edie about My Own Little Crochet U, of which she is the Dean. She was gracious in her reply. Now, it would be great if I could put the time aside to finish my course work and graduate!!!

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