Friday, March 22, 2013


The post title is not what you think.  I've been working on my Jungle socks - Jungle being the name of the color way, not the  pattern.  I have made several pair of Cat Bordhi's Sidestream socks and this is yet another pair.

I was merrily knitting along on them, admiring the colors - I don't have any green socks so I'm looking forward to wearing them. When working Cat's sock patterns, I use her Master Numbers sheet to track where  I move from one part/phase of the sock to another. For this pattern, I originally  had D - the midfoot stitch count as 46, E- the length of first section of the toe-up sock as 4 inches and F - stitch count after heel expansion as 68.  I looked at my Master Numbers sheet because the first section of the foot was looking too long. Somehow and for some reason, I modified the Master Numbers.  I don't remember doing it and I really don't know why. Maybe my gauge was a little tight after the first few inches?  But the changes were radical.  My first section of the foot was increased by .75 inches - and that's a lot.  The stitch count after arch expansion jumped to 80. They were way too loose and to long. I was using my CountMeme app, so it was easy to determine how many rows to rip back. (If you have to keep track of pattern, repeats, rows etc. in a single or multiple patterns, this is a terrific app to have on your phone.  No more chicken scratch row counting!!)

It wasn't as frustrating and disturbing as frogging my whole Money Pit (AKA Appalachian) Shawl.  It didn't take long before I was  working on the  proper foot circumference to the proper first section of the foot length.  

This is going to be the first pair of socks I'm making with an afterthought heel. Every pair of socks that I've knit for the past 2 years, I have planned to make an afterthought heel, and in each and every case, I have chickened out and done my usual wrap and turn heel.  Now that I've posted it, I HAVE TO make the after thought heel.  I like the aspect of being able to easily replace the heel if it gets hard wear.  I also like the thought of knitting uninterruptedly on the sock, all the way up to the cuff.   I have EZ's instructions for an afterthought heel as well as  KnitPicks instructions.  I should be fine and I hope I become  as comfortable with it as the other heel treatments I have used since I began knitting socks.

Can't wait until they're done.  

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