Friday, March 22, 2013

janie's 2nd project

Right around Christmas, I taught Janie, the cousin of our beloved late friend, Dottie, how to crochet.  She's recently disabled and at home a lot of the time. She's also a new grandmother.  I don't recall whether I offered or she asked to learn to crochet first. It doesn't matter. 

I don't have a photo of her first project, which was a scarf.  Although her initial attempts were rife with her hook going the wrong place, I assured her that once she relaxed and could actually read her work, she would put the hook just where it belonged and her production would be very satisfying.  She has realized the liberation of being able to just rip out stitches that aren't correct and redo them.   

We have a mutual friend who is expecting a baby girl in  July. Janie wants to crochet a pattern she found online, for Rossi's baby. She chose Red Heart's  One Ball Baby Blanket and Hat

Janie has decided to use a variegated Red Heart yarn that is various light shades of lavender.  Because she's a newby, I thought the multicolor-ness of the yarn might make it even harder to see her work. I only see her once a week or less than that, and I thought she might need a little more guidance than that, to work on this project. So, I worked some samples for her.

On 1 copy of the pattern, I marked color of the row, so she can see the stitches clearly.   Pink the chain and row 1.  Yellow is row 2, blue is row 3, cranberry is row 4 and cream is row 5.  Then I did a repeat of rows 2 - 5, which occurs in the pattern 16 times.  My representation is about one third of the size of each row.   I used the sample to explain to Janie how to measure gauge. It doesn't matter much for the blanket, except in terms of finished size and her yarn yardage requirements.  But, I reminded her that when it comes to making the hat, for which I will also make a sample, the gauge is all important. If she ignores it, the hat may not fit.  Back to the samples.  I also crocheted a little rectangle and again, with pink, crocheted the single crochet for the row 1 of the border and used yellow for row 2, so she could see them. 

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