Monday, March 4, 2013

karbonz review

It was ironic to see Clara Parks's review of Knitter's Pride Karbonz carbon fiber knitting needles when I was planning to do the same.  I've had my  set of 2.25 mm 24" circs for a few weeks.  I've been knitting intermittently on my  Jungle (yarn colorway)  socks. My usual tactic, when knitting socks is 2 at a time on 2 circs.  When I first learned this technique, it was recommended in someone's book, to use 2 different length needles.  For me, that wasn't optimum.  Then, I used Knit Picks'  Options Harmony Wood and  Nickel Plated needles (which are made by Knitter's Pride, for Knit Picks.)  With 2 different needles the same length, I was a happy knitter... until one of the  Options Harmony  Wood needles snapped.  At such small diameters, it's not surprising that a wood needle could break.  I've had size 6 wooden needles snap.  Knit Picks was quick to replace the needle and I continued to knit with one of each, being especially careful.

As I Tweeted a few weeks ago, I picked up a Karbonz 2.25 circular needle at my LYS Creative Knitworks (the web site is under reconstruction presently).  I replaced the Options Harmony Wood needle that was in the toes of my socks with the Karbonz needle.  I've been using it since then and I'm finding it to be a fine needle for my purpose - especially that it won't snap if I put a bit of extra pressure on it.   

Unlike Clara, I don't find the sound of one Karbonz rubbed against another to sound any different from the Nickel Plated ones.  I'm pretty sensitive to unpleasant sounds, so perhaps I got one that was polished a bit more or  hers may have been from a different manufacturing run. They are also warm to the touch, much like wood needles, which  I prefer to the Nickel Plated ones.  Although I don't use a death grip on my knitting, my tension is average to tighter than average.  I haven't had any trouble moving first stitches on the needles (which I tighten up with a good tug on the second stitch of each row to prevent any ladders or large stitches) to the next needle.  They move as smoothly as on the Nickel.  That was my primary concern when I purchased them.  Sharon, the proprietor of my LYS,  said she had been using them for a while and liked them for all her  small diameter needle knitting.  She said if I didn't like them, I could take them back.  Take them back?  I'll be getting them in other sizes as I need them.  Knitting socks is a very pleasant experience with them.  

I give them 2 thumbs up  - or should that be 2 toes up? 

(Curious about the heart and square stitch markers?  I'll mention them in my next post.)

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