Monday, March 4, 2013

la-rink and la-link helpers

If you're as much of a Cat Bordhi fan as I am, it's likely that you knit socks.  If you do, and you use her paired increases for your instep increases, you may have had to visualize or check and re-check her directions for her la-rink and la-link increases.  I like the way she refers to each row of stitches as a daughter, mother and grandmother and I capitalize on that by using stitch markers that remind me of a mother and grandmother, so I remember which increase I need to use:

The names of the 2 increases, which indicate in which direction the increases lean, always cause me to doubt if I'm increasing correctly. That sends me back to general instructions and interrupts what would otherwise be peaceful contentedness.  One of the increases is in the left leg of the last grandmother stitch and the other increase is in the right leg  of the next mother stitch.  

I use a heart shaped stitch marker for the right leg of the next mother stitch, because mom is usually right and everyone loves (hearts) their mom.  For the left leg of the last  grandmother stitch, I use a square-ish  shaped stitch marker that looks like a little silver picture frame to remember that grandma left but we have her picture to remember her by.  She isn't as fast as the rest of us, so she arrives last.

If you don't need a mnemonic device to remember which way your increase will slant, I like your brain.  I need a little story and a stitch marker that reminds me of Cat's "relative" stitches.  If alphabet letter stitch markers aren't too profitable for your sock knitting, try the heart and picture frame approach. I hope they'll liberate you, as they have liberated me.

(The heart and "picture frame" stitch markers were found in a craft store bead department. They weren't intended as stitch markers, but they work perfectly.)

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