Friday, March 22, 2013

no real dilema

When Janie told me she wanted to make a baby blanket and hat for Rossi's baby girl, due in the summer, and asked me what I thought of the "easy" pattern she chose, I was a little conflicted about telling her I am planning to crochet a baby blanket for the most welcome little girl, too.  I didn't want Jane to feel like I'm trying to upstage her, as a new crocheter,  but I usually crochet for babies to whom I'm not closely related. It's quicker than knitting and it's durable. I didn't tell her until last week.  She didn't seem bothered and I'm glad.

I made 2 Candy Cable Baby Blankets last year, for the women who work in the office of our apartment, and they were very well received.

Now, the third woman in that office is expecting and I will probably make another one for her baby (so as not to show partiality) because I enjoyed this pattern. It's not a traditional baby blanket and it stitches up quickly until the last outer rounds. They take forever.

But, for Rossi's baby, I was inspired by Edie Eckman's book Connect the Shapes, which  I reviewed a few posts ago.  In that book there's a sweet baby blanket that looks just right for a summer baby, aptly called Summer Baby Blanket.

I know the busy young family into which this new little one is coming, and I know this blanket will not receive any special care. So, rather than making it from the prescribed yarn, I'm making it in an acrylic in these colors:

I like the model so I will use white as the main color and the other colors for the flowers.  Not only will this be a pretty baby blanket, but I will get a chance to use JAYGO for the first time in a project.  I will start it soon.  I'd like to finish my Trailblazing Tote and my Jungle socks first, so I guess I'll start in April, some time.  

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