Friday, March 22, 2013

penguino and mr hat

Poor little Seely Boy.  I've had to cajole him into his bathtub over the past 10 days or so, because his bath buddy, Penguino, the rolypoly penguin that used to be sold as a bird toy, split his little head open when he fell on the kitchen floor. Let's not even think about how that happened. Was it the amorous advances of a verbose parakeet (budgie) or a human accidentally bumping it?  We'll never know. All we know is that his noggin is cracked. Penguino isn't replaceable because he and his ilk were manufactured with lead weights in them, and now that's verboten.

Seely's play pal, Mr.Hat, has a cracked base, which has put him out of commission, too.  Same deal: lead weight inside.  

So what's the keeper of a parakeet who needs a friend to bathe with to do?  The short term solution is standing at his cage, playing with his lukewarm bath water in the morning until the splish splash sound becomes so irresistible to him that he ventures in and takes a proper budgie bath.  But some mornings it's not opportune. 

While trolling Ebay, I found some substitutes that I hope will work for him.  Penguino was a small little toy and Mr Hat was very slight. No matter where I look, no one has the lead-weighted penguins.  I've been keeping pet birds my whole life and every bird I have ever had, had a penguin and loved it's movement.  Enter the infamous Weeble.  I found a few online for a reasonable price, bid on them and won them.  They arrived today.

They're bigger than Penguino and Mr Hat, but they move and they're colorful.

Seely's first reaction was a high sideways glance.  He hasn't kissed his new buddies yet, but he isn't exhibiting any fear of them. More like indifference today (they just arrived in the mail today).  I hope he will warm up to them.  I'll have to take one with me wherever I am in the apartment, so he gets used to the idea that they're here to stay and to play with him.  

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