Tuesday, March 5, 2013

rip money pit shawl

I did it.  I ripped out the entire Money Pit (Appalachian) Shawl. I've been sitting on this information for a week.  

I previously posted that the night of the Downton Abbey  season 3 final episode, the long circular needle cable on which some of the shawl stitches were, broke and I spent hours recapturing stitches and securing the couple hundred stitches. It stressed me out and caused me to really consider whether I wanted to finish the shawl.

First, I completely failed to compute the necessary yardage for the project.  I began with 3 bargain hanks of yarn that I liked and some nice left over yarn for the accent color.  Great! It was going to be a bargain.  That's when I still referred to it as the Appalachian Shawl.  Then, I needed more yarn.   And then I needed more. I don't know how my gauge/yardage calculation was so far off! Although the initial 3 hanks of yarn were on clearance, by the time I had acquired 9 hanks of Araucania Quillay, it could never be mistaken for a bargain priced project, nor a stash buster. 

I enjoyed the knitting:  There was texture and that broke up the rows and rows of straight knitting or purling. I liked the look of the shawl and I may even knit it again, with other yarn, but not for a while. I still have to recover. I've never ripped out a 7/8 of a project and still can't believe I did. 


The negatives:  As soon as I began referring to is as the Money Pit Shawl, instead of its real name, it wasn't a good sign.  I knitted a great deal of it sitting in the waiting room for the 44 days E-Rex (my husband) was undergoing treatment for prostate cancer. We're so glad that's behind us.  Other things I have knitted during sickness or a stressful time, remind me to be thankful that we've gotten past whatever it was.  The Money Pit Shawl only reminded me of how much more yarn I ordered and reminded me that it still wasn't finished.  

After the needle cable broke and I secured all the stitches, I couldn't even look at it for over a week.  I couldn't bring myself to believe that a day would ever come, in which  I would want to finish the knitting.  So, now I have a big stash of yarn that will make a lovely sweater.  It's not going to be a shawl -- EVER. 

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