Friday, March 22, 2013

winter dies slowly

Uncharacteristically, I taught a guitar student last Monday night - it was a make up lesson, which needed to be spaced far enough away from that student's usual, Thursday night lesson, or it wouldn't be practical.  Monday was March 18th, just 2 days before spring.  I'd heard the threat of some kind of precipitation, so I left earlier than necessary so as to arrive in her environs before anything significant could accumulate. As I arrived to teach her at the appointed time, big fat flurries were swirling.  It looked pretty and I doubted it would stick. Yeah, right.

Fast forward an hour and a half later...

Here's our parking lot in the dark, with snow teeming down.

Welcome, spring!  The views from our windows still reveal snow-blanketed woods, but the birds are all back, trying to find their nests and making a racket for the past few mornings.  They know it's spring and I'm glad  they're never wrong.

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