Tuesday, April 2, 2013


I was at a local craft store, last week, with a 40% off coupon that was haunting me to make a purchase.  I thought about  a small travel light and headed over to the OttLites.  2 of the 3 friends with whom I craft and take crafty road trips have the battery powered task light.  I think that will be my next OttLite purchase, but this time around, I picked up the 12 LED Flip Light.  Closed, it's 3.5 x 2.5 inches.  Frequently, when I have extra time between  guitar students, I knit or crochet in the car, a block or 2 away. Half of those times, it's dusk or dark.  I have a flexible LED light, but because it's a single LED bulb that has its shortcomings.  The 12 LED Flip Light can clip to something and the clip has a hole that can accommodate a link which will allow it to be worn around the neck.  

I had a little test run with it a few days ago.  It was excellent.  It's not quite like being flanked by a full size OttLite on each side, as I am in my living room, but it's great for my occasional night time yarn crafting in the car.  Another excellent use for the little dynamo is to see colors better.  I imagine I will be  using it to match or compare colors in a flourescently lit store or at a convention shopping mall. It's so small, it's no trouble to take it along.

If this little 12 LED Flip Light is something you are interested in, get it now. I do not see it on OttLite's web site.  It may be discontinued.  If you find it in your local shop, craft store or online, grab it before they're gone. If you have a coupon for it, as I did, it's a great bargain for what it is: quality portable lighting. 

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