Tuesday, April 2, 2013

thoughts on afterthought heels

I'm in the process of knitting my first pair of afterthought heel socks.  Whenever I hear or read about someone using the method, I'm attracted to it so when I began this pair of socks, I decided I was going to give it a whirl. 

I'm knitting toe-up, which I greatly prefer to toe-downs.  The general instructions for an afterthought heel is to knit to where the heel should begin, knit 2 rounds  of half of the stitches with waste yarn, continue knitting with the actual sock yarn and finish the socks, then put the heel stitches back on needles and pull out the waste yarn.  Knit around, decreasing a certain number of times ever so many rounds until just  6 or 7 stitches are left, then pull yarn through all those stitches.  

I understand that this could be a way to do social sock knitting without the distraction of keeping track of the wrap and turns etc. for the heels.  Last night, I finished the legs of the socks and got the stitches back onto the needles.  I will knit the heels tonight, I hope. So far, this new experience is not as much fun as I thought it would be. Maybe that's because it's the first time I'm trying it and haven't experienced the finished result yet.  I don't know.

While knitting the leg, I changed to incrementally larger needles twice and what had looked like random coloring in the ribbing pooled. I don't care in this case because my jeans will cover them. If they were going to be on display inside clear boots or something, I would have alternated every other round with another ball of yarn in order to prevent the pooling.  This sock is being made strictly for the sake of learning the technique.

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