Sunday, July 7, 2013


When my last birthday occurred, in May, it was a significant one.  I thought about some of the things I want to accomplish, long term, short term, and plenty in between.  Yeah, you could call it a bucket list.

One of the things on the list was to tutor or teach adults ESL (English as a Second Language.)  A couple decades ago, I was killing time between 2 guitar students, in a local library.  As I was reading or writing I overhear an ESL tutor working with a student.  I distinctly recall thinking, "I could do that. I could probably do that well."  No sooner did determine that this is the time when I should and can tutor ESL, than I saw a notice in the local paper, indicating that there was a training program beginning the following week.  I enrolled and took the class.  It was thorough, intensive and although I'm a capable teacher and love the English language, the method is extremely counter-intuitive.

I took the test when the course concluded and I have received my certification from Literacy Volunteers of Pascack Valley, which is part of Literacy Volunteers of NJ, under the umbrella of ProLiteracy.  I should have my first student or class by the end of this month.  I may blog about my ESL experiences.  I look forward to teaching those without or with extremely limited English,  which will be nothing short of  life changing. 

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  1. Congratulations! I am confident you will be quite successful as a tutor!


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