Sunday, July 21, 2013

I Don't Have Any Purple Socks

I know the shawl I frogged and am now happily knitting on will become cumbersome soon and will cease to be a really portable project soon, so I swatched some Premier Serenity Sock yarn in a color called Lavender Topaz. My previous pair of socks which I mentioned in the post titled, Thoughts on Afterthought Heels, in April, was the weight sock yarn I customarily use, but this Serenity Sock is extra fine.  I made 2 swatches because I had to go down a needle size when I realized the fabric in the first swatch was a loose gauge and would probably not wear well. When I went down to 2.00 mm, US size 0 needles, the gauge was just right. 

(I see that I only blogged about the afterthought heels on the last pair of socks, but not the FO, so I will, in the near future.)

I have just begun the toes, but in my usual OCD way, I found the same part of the self-striping pattern in each ball of yarn and cast on each toe at the same place, so the stripes will be similar, if not, match.

Here's to the next pair of socks.  Lavender Topaz ones.

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