Saturday, October 5, 2013

Pass/Fail Summer

My original "summer enrichment,"  was going to be reading and absorbing the wealth of useful info in Amy Herzog's book Knit to Flatter.

I purchased the book and thought "this will be the new thing I learn during the summer."  (During the summer I don't have a full teaching schedule, so I try to enrich, somehow.  One summer, it was reading the writings of Lincoln; another summer, it was learning Indian shisha embroidery, etc.)

So, I had my plan.  Don't ask me how I like Amy's book.  I'll tell you I love it, which would lead you to believe that I have pored over it, but I haven't.  I love the idea of it and I have loved hearing about it on several podcasts.    I haven't even opened it. What an epic fail!

I was so bummed when summer officially ended because I didn't glean the  great advice on making garments to fit your body, in  Knit to Flatter.  I had a sparse student schedule and  wallowed in the feeling of having been not unproductive, but rather nonproductive over the summer. I hate that. It makes me feel shamefully lazy.

Then, I was putting something on my Ravelry project page, and realized that I knitted Kate's Shawl and a matching hat and cowl.  I also crocheted the Scallop Crochet Scarf.  Well, at least I was a little productive. 

Oh, yeah, I also taught VBS for a week and began mentoring a young man we know, whose weakness led to criminal activity. He's incarcerated for the time being. At the beginning of the summer, I took an ESL tutoring course, did the required work and extensive extra reading and study,  and passed the final test.  

Now, I feel better.  I will get to Knit to Flatter - I just don't know when.

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