Tuesday, November 5, 2013

2013 Charity Yarn Crafting

I'm in the throes of holiday gift making.  Last year I pared it way down, and I will stick to the same plan this year - but pared way back still leaves me with a few gifts to make.  One thing I didn't pare back last year and didn't want to neglect this year was making hat and scarf sets for the residents at a shelter with which our church works closely, called Jericho Road.  Last year I made 2 sets and I did the same this year.  I just made a half double crochet set and a ribbed knit set. I eyeballed them. One set is a little larger (the knit set) and the other is  smaller, because not .  

I'm glad this aspect of my gift knitting and crochet is finished. Now that the clock has turned back, it's getting dark earlier and there are only a few weeks until Christmas, finishing has turned from a prime focus, to urgent.

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