Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Tea Time Score

Last week, I finally visited ScranBerry Coop, a market of sorts, that I have heard about for years and years.  It's in Andover, NJ and is somewhere bargain hunters, flea market fans, collectors, retro aficionados and  antique lovers need to visit, at least once. 

I'm a sealing wax user and collector of seals, hence my blog name (Sealed 4 Ever), so I hoped that I might find a seal I didn't have.  I didn't find a single one, but  that doesn't necessarily mean there weren't any at ScranBerry Coop. I might have not seen it.  There is so much, you can hardly take it in!

I did find a lovely luncheon set. Between us, I have rarely met a tea pot I didn't like.  I don't "collect" them, but rather, I use them.  I drink coffee out of a mug, but I like my tea out of a delicate, translucent cup that rests on a saucer.   One of the results of moving to a teeny apartment 5 years ago was that I had to part with several.  I kept my grandmother's shower gift Japanese set with tea pot, sugar, creamer, cups and saucers, 2 large Pristine (brand) English tea pots, a couple "tea for one" sets, my mother's tea cups, saucers,  sugar and creamer whose pot has been long gone, a couple of single tea cups and a Mikasa set of 2 tea cups and saucers and their matching sugar and creamer that I got in  the  '90's.   Yes, that's what I kept after disposing of more. 

Did I need the luncheon set?  Of course not.  But the value was there.  Here are the photos.  Granted, one of the  tea cups is missing, but still, this is a sweet set. (I have already used it.) Take a look:

The complete set

Luncheon Plate

Tea Cup

Creamer, that stacks on top of the Sugar Bowl

Sugar Bowl

Tea Pot (about a 4 cupper)

Mark: Phoenix China, Czechoslovakia

Pretty, right?  I'm not a big fan of yellow, but the color glaze is not solid yellow and the iridescence top glaze further dithers the yellow.   So the big question is, how much did it cost?  Surely, less than you're thinking.  How does $8.00 sound?  No, I didn't misplace the decimal.  $8.00.  And, I received a discount for paying in cash.   I have made a few good buy this year, but this was the bargain of  2013 for me.

The kettle is whistling.

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  1. Fantastic score! That is a lovely set. Thanks for visiting us! :)


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