Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Last Project for 2013

The last project I hope to complete this year, is a little snowflake garland for my Christmas tree that I wanted to make for years, and finally began a few weeks ago - not that I have had many hours to pick up a crochet hook.  I will finish the garland before the ball drops in Time Square. I was hoping to make another, to grace my wall unit, too.  That won't be in 2013.  Whether it will be the first project I work on in 2014 or go on hold until Thanksgiving or later remains to be seen.  Right now, I'm inclined to make the second garland right away, and be finished with them -- but that doesn't mean I'll feel that way at the dawn of the new year, tomorrow.

The pattern I'm using is from Red Heart, the Crochet Snowflake Garland.

It's a simple 3 round pattern and is JAYGO (join as you go), which I favor.  My garland has 25 snowflakes.  I wrapped it around my small Christmas tree and think a few more flakes (4 or 5) will probably do it.  After dinner, and before the ball drops and we pop the top on some de-alcoholized Asti, I should be able to complete that. 

Happy 2014, everyone!!

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