Thursday, December 26, 2013

No Full Moon Necessary

My last Christmas gift was mailed on December 16.  That was temporary - the last gift part.  Then, as usually happens, being stressless causes temporary insanity.  As I wrapped presents, I looked at the boxes of goodies for the women who work in our apartment building.  I remembered that last year, I attached crocheted snowflakes to their packages and thought, "How can I not attach a snowflake to each this year?" (And no, in that mental state of instability I neglected to take photos of them last year, and did the same last week.)  So, I scrolled through several crocheted snowflake patterns, found one and made 3.  I added hooks and tied them onto the already wrapped gifts.  I was finally done.

Then, I drifted further into a state of non compos mentis. I thought about the next door neighbor's cat.  Really! It was sheer madness.   I have never given Samie Cat a gift. I'm not even really a cat person!  I remembered that I'd seen some curly cat toy to crochet.

 It's meant to hang on the door knob so the feline recipient can swat it around.  I looked through my stash and my husband snapped me out of my trans by telling me he wanted me to order a particular thing for Christmas for myself. He wanted it to be a surprise, but didn't want to get the wrong thing.  I had to spend some time online.  Then, the package was going to arrive the next day at no additional charge, and when it did, I needed to (and wanted to) spend some time with it. In retrospect, I'm thankful for the intervention.  I don't know what I'm going to do next year.  I have to overcome this urge to burden myself needlessly.

As far as a door knob hanging swat toy goes, what  Samie Cat doesn't know, won't hurt him.  

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  1. Denise: Can you make one of these for my cat, Bitty? LOL!-Michelle (who has one in the house and about 14 outside in her colony!!!!)


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